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Every Friday users who refer a friend to AAX and their friend follows AAX on social media get chance to share a prize pool of $10,000!

How to Participate

  1. Refer a friend to register with AAX using your AAX Tribe Referral Code
  2. Comment your AAX UID and tag your friend on the Fortune Friday Social Media Post
  3. Tagged Friend must follow the AAX Social Media account, complete KYC Level 1 and accumulate trading volume

Terms and Conditions

  1. Top 20 referrals with the most combined trading volume get to split the prize pool
  2. There is no limit to the number of…

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In addition to Bitcoin futures, options contracts for Bitcoin constitute another popular product that both retail and institutional investors are looking to trade. In fact, options trading volume has increased from Q1 2020’s $8 billion to $45 billion in the fourth quarter of the year, realizing a total of $77.2 billion in 2020, according to TokenInsight.

As a result, digital asset options play an important role in the crypto space while providing multiple use-cases for traders and investors.

What Are Crypto Options?

Options contracts are a type of derivative representing an agreement between two parties to facilitate a potential transaction on the underlying asset…

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Along with Cardano, Polkadot is among the hottest cryptocurrency projects in the space right now.

And for a very good reason.

Featuring unique technology and an innovative concept, the crypto project seeks to solve one of the industry’s most opportune problems: interoperability.

For that reason, over 300+ projects are being built on top of Polkadot. And, in this article, we have collected the most exciting ones to explore.

Polkadot 101: What We Know So Far

Before we deep-dive into the actual projects, let’s first revisit the essentials about Polkadot.

Founded in 2016 by the Web3 Foundation, Polkadot is a decentralized, open-source Web3 blockchain interoperability platform.

The protocol’s…

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Former US President Donald Trump was outspoken in his views, and so too did he voice his opinion on crypto saying he was “not a fan.” But now there’s been a change of guard, and it seems that newly elected President Joe Biden has a more favorable stance towards cryptocurrencies.

In reality, we don’t have much direct evidence to understand his position on crypto, but we can certainly deduct a general direction from his cabinet picks to see what we should expect under the new administration.

Two important Biden’s cabinet picks that may affect crypto

One of the first key economic positions filled by Biden was Treasury Secretary, with…

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What is the future of gold?

With MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor saying Bitcoin will completely replace gold — because it’s better than gold — and in light of JPMorgan’s now widely cited observation that money is flowing out of gold and into Bitcoin, gold’s future might seem bleak.

However, rather than completely displacing gold it is much more likely that as Bitcoin evolves Bitcoin will be Bitcoin — not gold — and will co-exist with gold.

Bitcoin is not gold

If we think about how Bitcoin was described by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is much more in terms of a currency and store of value, rather…

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Stop by the AAX #MemeHub to express your creativity and have fun with fellow AAX’ers!

Everyone is welcome to join the contest, even if you don’t know how to create a meme! We’ve included links to meme generators at the end of this post, to make this really simple for you to try it out. Even if you don’t fancy creating a meme, you can still stand a chance to win BTC by voting for the #MemeHub that you love the most!

Meme Options

Option 1— Create an original meme: Create a new meme using #AAX Logo or with #AAX…

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Scalability is one of the crypto industry’s most obvious issues. Difficulty scaling poses an even bigger problem for Ethereum, which is among the most-used blockchain networks.

According to YCharts, daily transactions on Ethereum reached an all-time high in September 2020 at 1.4 million transfers, surpassing its previous record of 1.278 million from January 2018. With the DeFi space booming, this number is expected to increase further, with Ethereum currently processing over 1.3 million transactions (as of February 10).

To enable further growth, the OMG Network (formerly OmiseGo) has introduced a scalability solution for Ethereum, which we will explore in this…

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Few would disagree with the observation that Bitcoin’s current bull run is different from previous bull runs. Of course, it’s clear Bitcoin goes through cyclical motions marked by bullish and bearish sentiment, with its all time-highs, reversals and everything in between. However, in contrast to the uncertainty that characterized previous rallies, we are now in the adoption phase.

It therefore begs the question: do we need an exit strategy for Bitcoin or is it better to literally hold on for dear life — and our children’s lives, and our children’s children’s lives? …

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Trading financial markets has become increasingly accessible to more people over the past decade. Whereas investing used to be reserved for the wealthy, anyone can now download a mobile brokerage app and start buying and selling securities at near-zero fees. This change is part of the ongoing shift towards digitalization, where information and services are brought online to reach more people at lower cost.

Over the last 20 years, even the way we interact with other people has changed. …

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Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX chief who has recently become the world’s richest person, has a rather complex yet interesting relationship with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

In the past few years, there has been something stirring between Musk and crypto.

While he endorsed digital assets multiple times and greatly impacted Dogecoin and BTC prices with his recent Twitter activity, some had taken things further, claiming the billionaire is perhaps Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto (shocked face emoji).

Most importantly, on February 8, Tesla announced with an SEC filing that it had bought $1.5 …


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