The biggest crypto exchange by far is Binance, with $63bn daily volume across 1214 spot markets and $101bn daily volume in 146 derivatives markets. For reference, that’s about 7x more in daily volume than Coinbase, the next biggest exchange on the list of crypto exchanges. As you might know, crypto exchanges charge fees for executing trades and withdrawals, and one of the reasons why Binance rose to fame so quickly was because of the low transaction fees.

From the start, BNB was envisioned as a key component of the Binance Universe that would rise in value in tandem with the…

The practice of self-investment by companies is not new and has been a staple instrument of price stabilization (or inflation) on the traditional financial market for decades. The development of the crypto market is largely associated with the migration and adoption of financial strategies from the traditional market with their consequent application and evolution to suit the needs of decentralized assets.

With the turbulence of price dynamics and the conundrum with various types of tokens circulating on the market, blockchain-based projects have started applying two types of approaches to control their emissions and stimulate price. The two most popular tools…

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The price of Bitcoin is volatile, we all know it. “Bitcoin is still young”, “The hashrate dropped”, “Tesla is buying”, “Markets are patterns in nature and we’ve reached a Fibonacci level”, and so forth. Explanations may vary, but for now, Bitcoin’s volatility is likely almost always due to our incessant obsession with price.

Bitcoin adoption is not simply new users coming into the market to speculate. Of course, it is part of the process, which is something Satoshi Nakamoto anticipated, but deep adoption is also about understanding, internalising and taking ownership.

Axial transformations in the digital age

Beyond iterating the…

Many people believe in bitcoin, but few have taken the dramatic steps Didi Taihuttu and the rest of the Bitcoin Family have taken. In 2017, the Dutch family of 5 sold everything they owned — from his house down to his children’s toys — and transitioned into a life fully powered by bitcoin. This was just before the boom that lifted the price from $4K to the $19K peak of that cycle, so the move has certainly already paid off.

But that doesn’t mean the Bitcoin Family has cashed out. Far from it. While they do cash out portions to…

The crypto market never stands still and is constantly evolving. But just like any other market, the innovations that arrive on the scene spawn trends that instantly either become sectors in their own right, or are adopted by the remaining players on the market to take advantage of the rising hype and capital flows that come along with it. Crypto trends are especially susceptible to such phenomena and the impact they have on the market.

The year 2021, with its wild dynamics of price rates and news flows, has already brought about a number of crypto trends that are definitely…

Full nodes are vital for the Bitcoin network to remain functional.

Before we dive deeper into our topic, let’s first summarize the basics about full Bitcoin nodes.

As computer devices connected to the Bitcoin network, full nodes are responsible for downloading and storing every block and transaction record since BTC’s launch in 2009.

In addition to that, full nodes also validate all the blocks and transactions (both historical and current) against Bitcoin’s consensus rules while monitoring and communicating with miners and other nodes in the network.

While both miners and full nodes keep the network secure, the latter parties neither…

Like miners, full nodes play a crucial role in maintaining and keeping the Bitcoin network secure.

Due to the benefits of blockchain technology, a decentralized architecture, and a community dedicated to supporting the ecosystem, Bitcoin is a highly resilient network with a nearly 99.99% uptime.

Currently, almost 9,700 full nodes are up and running on the Bitcoin network. However, this number only includes public nodes that are visible for everyone while not counting several others that are hidden by protocols like Tor.

In this article, we will introduce you to full nodes, their benefits, the potential risks of operating one…

What is the TBFE?

TBFEs are used widely among traders, with their primary purpose to find support and resistance levels. The TBFE tool works through the use of the Fibonacci ratio.

Fibonacci’s ratio is devised from the Fibonacci sequence:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc.

Each number is the total of the two previous numbers. The Fibonacci ratios are then found by dividing numbers across the series. These calculations then leave us with the ratios used in the TBFE and Fibonacci retracement tool.

0, 0.236, 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 0.786, 1, 1.618, 2.618

Certain numbers within the TBFE are not…

Cryptocurrencies are not new to facing criticism from the government. The former chairwomen of the Federal Reserve, now Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen has recently repeated the regulators’ favourite mantra about Bitcoin being a highly-speculative, inefficient form of digital currency that is primarily used for illegal transactions.

The occasional hostility governments might harbor towards cryptocurrencies has become quite commonplace. The antagonism between central authorities and the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users is quite understandable. It is no secret that Bitcoin, and DeFi at large, threatens existing power structures.

Secretary Yellen has become the first person…

Marty Bent, one of the co-founders of Great American Mining, once said on his Twitter that he had a dream to “find a large stranded gas well in a rural part of the country, use some gas to mine Bitcoin and the rest to power the small Citadel town”.

He mentioned that, for starters, he would build up this town around the mining operation, open a high-end restaurant, library and church, and a well-funded distributed bank. “The Citadel will be for real ones only,” Marty concluded.

According to his company’s website, it allows for gas plants to regenerate stranded, wasted…


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