AAX #MemeHub

Stop by the AAX #MemeHub to express your creativity and have fun with fellow AAX’ers!

Everyone is welcome to join the contest, even if you don’t know how to create a meme! We’ve included links to meme generators at the end of this post, to make this really simple for you to try it out. Even if you don’t fancy creating a meme, you can still stand a chance to win BTC by voting for the #MemeHub that you love the most!

Meme Options

Option 1— Create an original meme: Create a new meme using #AAX Logo or with #AAX at the spirit of of theme #futurestrading #LSEGTechnology

Option 2— Vote for your favorite meme: Comment under your favorite meme and three random users stand a chance to win $10USDT for voting for the winning meme!


  1. First place meme: $50USD (Paid in equivalent of BTC as trading bonus) + AAX Merchandise

Branding Guidelines

You can download AAX logo here. Feel free to get creative!


Contest Period: February 18 — March 4, 2021

Judging ends on March 5 and winners will be announced on AAX Twitter


  1. Be creative and bold with your memes (we love creativity!)

Submission Guidelines

To be eligible for rewards, every entry is required to be submitted to Twitter.

  1. Join AAX Twitter and Youtube Community

Voter Guidelines

  1. Join AAX’s Twitter Community. (Must join to be eligible for the competition)

Judging Criteria

Memes will be judged on many different aspects, such as creativity, skill, design, and humor. Submissions are required to follow the requirements in “Twitter Submission Guidelines” to be eligible for prizes.

Meme Generators

Use the meme generators below to select or upload your photo, add text, download, and tweet:

About AAX

AAX is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies 24/7. Offering OTC, spot, and futures trading in one place.

The future is crypto. The future is AAX.

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